What Everyone Ought To Know About Choosing the Best Electric Smoker

Summer is the ideal time for picnics, barbecues and spending time with friends and family. For many people, summer is also the ideal time for grilling. Would you like to change things up a bit with some smoked meats? Your friends and family will love it!

To help you get started, we have shortlisted the best electric meat smokers of 2014 you simply cannot go wrong with! Just plug it in, add fresh meet and wait a bit to enjoy the restaurant-quality smoked food at the convenience of your own home!

Masterbuilt 20070910
Smokin-It Model #2
Brinkmann Gourmet
Masterbuilt 20070910 30 Inch Electric Digital Smokehouse SmokerSmokin It Model #2 Electric SmokerBrinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill
Amazon Rating4.20 Stars4.50 Stars4.00 Stars
Customer Reviews1453 Reviews35 Reviews235 Reviews
MaterialPowder Coated SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Dimensions20 x 33.5 x 17 inches 12.5 x 13.5 x 17.5 inches 17 x 35 x 17 inches
Weight51 pounds57 pounds31 pounds
* $ = under $100, $$ = $100 to $200, $$$ = $200 to $300, $$$$ = $300+

Smoking meats and vegetables is a great way to add variety to your menu. It boosts flavor, tenderizes your food, and it’s just a healthy cooking method. You can also try new recipes, as there are literally thousands of them to try out. Smoked meat is amazing, juicy and tender when properly prepared. Start making delicious meals at your own convenience with the top of the range units available on market.

Knowing what to look for will simplify the decision-making process a lot! Choosing the best model can be challenging especially with that huge variety of cookers available on the market. There are just so many options to consider such as price, brand, functionality etc. Those items you buy for home use are not like the ones you might see in a restaurant which are usually very expensive, designed for professional use. They can cost thousands of dollars, but don’t worry about that though because you’re not going to spend that much on a home unit.

Discussing Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Models

You might know more about cookers that use gas, but you will be glad to learn that electric version performs just as well! Some people even find them easier to use, attracted by “set it and forget it” experience. Such units often costs less in the long run than using one you must refill with fuel. Since home smokers use so little energy, they really don’t do much harm to your power bill.

Another advantage is that an electric BBQ smoker is generally lightweight. They come in various sizes, and that affects the weight. Portability is often a big concern to homeowners, they want something they can easily move around when needed. Don’t worry, you can easily find a nice tool that weighs less than 100 pounds.

Smoking Ribs Using Smoking Unit

Photo Credit: Daryn Nakhuda

The best news is that an electrics are less likely to explode or cause a fire. The lack of fuel means there’s less of a fire hazard. But keep in mind though that there’s always a risk of fire when using cooking appliances. There have been cases where appliances have caused a small explosion.

An electric version of a BBQ smoker is very good at keeping food moist. In most cases, you don’t even need to baste the food to keep it from drying out. However, you might get disappointed if you want a nice piece of crispy browned meat. Most people find that they don’t get hot enough to put “bark” on the meat. Bark is the brown, crunchy crust that forms on meat like barbecue and pork brisket. You might not think the bark is important, but many people feel meat is inferior if there’s no bark.

A gas, pellet or charcoal cooker is your top bet if bark is important to you. On the other hand, the electric unit does provide the smoky taste that many people enjoy. If you’re more concerned with taste than bark, then keep reading.

Different Types of Electric Meat Smokers

There are two popular types of “set it and forget it” units for home use: vertical and cabinet.

Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and GrillWith vertical smoker (sometimes named as electric water smoker), the electrical component is in the base or at the bottom. The area for the wood is usually directly above the heat source. Then there’s the center section, which contains the grills to hold the food and the lid goes on top. There should also be a water pan to hold water to help keep the food moist.

A vertical model looks similar to a small, metal garbage can. It has a cylindrical shape and removable top. This cooker is usually small and inexpensive. Beware, there is often no temperature control, which is considered to be one of the main drawbacks that put customers off.

Keep in mind that wind and temperature affect the performance of a vertical smoker. Because of this, it’s generally not the best idea to use them in the winter. It usually doesn’t get hot enough, and it won’t perform as well as it does during warm months. The alternative is to use the cabinet type which is better for all-year-round use.

Bradley BS611 Original SmokerAn electric cabinet smoker looks similar to a small refrigerator. Most of the models of this type have good temperature control. As a result, the wind and temperature have very little effect over the smoking process.

Inside of the cabinet are racks for the food. The heat source is at the bottom of the cabinet. A box for the wood chips usually sits directly above the heat source or it may have a special section on the side of the cabinet. A cabinet smoker may or may not need water, so check the details before buying.

Top 5 BBQ Smokers Hand-Picked by Schmoky

As there is no perfect product that exists, any item obviously comes with both positive and negative feedback from its buyers, but what you really should look for is the average product ratings that is more or less constant figure. Here is a list of some of the most popular smokers for home use with the high ratings from its users:

Emson Electric SmokerEmson Indoor Pressure Smoker and Cooker

Introducing the Emson's top selling model for delicious barbeque foods! Easy to use, yet this professional high quality unit gives you everything you need to prepare smoked food at convenience of your own kitchen. There is even a cold-smoke feature for cheese and fish! Internal pressure allows for up to 70% faster meet preparation and 2 years limited warranty gives you peace of mind letting your concentrate on culinary achievements instead.
Smokin It Model #2 Electric SmokerSmokin-It Model #2 Smoker Review

This unit is made from robust stainless steel and well known for its simplicity of use and portability. The fiberglass insulation helps to reduce heat loss, the feature that has been praised far and wide. It is not cheap, however, you will be amazed with its solid construction and smart approach to cooking. Some people say that Smokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker produces the best ribs ever!
Masterbuilt 20070910MasterBuilt 20070910 30-Inch Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20070910 model is another success story of well-known manufacturer. With its powder-coated steel surface, Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker ensures 100% insulation for energy-efficient cooking. Four smoking racks allow ample room to suit the needs of big families with over 1.7 cubic feet of total capacity. Just add turkey, ham, pork, fish or vegetables, plug it in, set the desired temperature and sit back! Soon you will be able to surprise your family and friends with delicious smoked meals!
Old SmokeyOld Smokey Smoker Review

The Old Smokey unit looks very simple yet stylish. Such simplicity in design is one of the keys of its success, allowing users to produce delicious barbecue without much effort! With the price at a little over $150, this cooker is one of the least expensive models available on the market these days. The heat element located in the base can generate enough heat for some low temperature roasting. You will be pleased with heat resistant handles that make this model an excellent choice for novice!
Bradley Digital 4-RackBradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker Review

This model has everything you need to cook the best ever smoked meals for your friends and family. Its advanced controls make the unit suitable for both beginners and commercial users. Customers will appreciate the stylish stainless steel interior along with epoxy silver powder coated exterior that gives the smoker high-end sophisticated look and makes it so easy to clean! The smoke generator uses different wood bisquettes, from hickory to whiskey oak, in order to generate the smoke you’ll like for flavor. All in total, it is a great product and deserves the highest recommendations.

There you have it, five top models that were chosen based on their popularity, customer reviews and selling rates. However, the market is constantly moving forwards and with the progressing technology, more sophisticated units will be replacing today’s top-sellers in a couple of years. Please keep an eye on our electric smoker reviews to be informed about new appliances coming up.

Don’t rush into a decision just yet. Take time to learn more about the units listed above. The more you know, the easier it will be to make a wise decision. Just compare the items, remember the needs of your family and keep a budget in mind. That will help you choose the best meat smoker for your needs.